Nov 24

37th Milo Marathon

Milo every day err…year! :D

From last year’s 5K to this year’s 10K, I’ve taken another small step nearer this annual event’s ultimate level.  This wraps up my participation in running events this year.  Indeed, it’s been a great year of chasing roads.  Thanks to all the people who ran with me or whom I met along the way as well as those who kept inspiring and guiding me.  You all made every event special.  Keep on running! :)

P.S. What made this particular run amusing were the reactions of people whom I passed by.  Kapampangans and their sense of humor! Some jogged in place as I passed by. Some were urging me to ride a tricycle already since this would bring me to the finish line should I not be able to endure running. :) Some were concerned, saying “Ingat!” or asking me if I could still make it.  Others were worried and asked me to rest already since to them I looked so tired.  They didn’t have an idea that I’ve been to many running events already. Indeed, I had mixed emotions while on the road. :)